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Zhdan Vechislav M.

Rector of Ukrainian Medical Stoamtological/Dental Academy,

Honoured Doctor of Ukraine,Professor,Doctor of Medical Science,

Academician of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,

Head of Department of General Practice - Family Medicine. 


Bobirev Viktor M.

First Vice Rector,Honoured Scientist of Ukraine,Doctor of Medical Sciences,Professor,

Head of the Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology with Clinical Immunology and Allegology.




Kaidashev Igor P.

Vice-rector for scientific work.

MD, Ph.D., professor.




Ksonz Igor V.

Vice-rector for scientific, educational and medical work.

MD, associate professor




Stavitskaya Nataliya P.

Vice Rector of Humaitarian Work and Education of Doctor of Philosophy,

Corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for Excellence in Education,Head of the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences.




Pera Vladimir P.

Vice Rector of Marketing and Commercial Issues,

Chairman of Tender Committee.




Skripnikov Andrey M.

Vice Rector of Scientific-Pedagogical Work and International Relations,

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.




Skripnik Igor M.

Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and Postgraduate Education.

MD, professor