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vix 5At present in UMSA enrolled foreign students from more than 38 countries, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Israel, China, Tunisia, Turkey, Kuwait, Eritrea, Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, UAE, Niger, Nigeria, Russia Lithuania, Libya, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, India, Uganda, Uzbekistan and others. Many of them are immigrants from countries where ongoing internal armed conflict, serious complications with existing neighbors and having unstable political situation (Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon) that affects the personality and psychological state of students, the moral climate in groups, social situation in the city.

Given the above educational work at the Faculty for foreign students UMSA conducted on several fronts:

  • measures aimed at foreign students respect current legislation of Ukraine and preventing violations;
  • measures to adapt to the conditions of foreign students studying and living in Ukraine, to familiarize them with the history and traditions of Ukrainian people, promoting the establishment of mutual understanding between different ethnic groups, implementation of norms of a healthy lifestyle among students;
  • measures to promote the development of student government.

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farm 5The pharmaceutical faculty at Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy (UMSA) was inaugurated by the Ministry for Education and science for Ukraine. The faculty began training specialists' pharmacists of general direction "pharmaceutics". At the pharmacological faculty the curriculum if for five academic years.
The student acquire the fundamentals of medical and biological knowledge, learn in detail various subjects in the specialty and some clinical ones. On successful completion of study the graduates get the diploma of pharmacist. The faculty trains the students for work at the instutions of pharmacy and also for research work.

A powerful educational methodical base is being created for training highly qualified specialists. There are such departments are as the pharmacognosy, Biology and Genetics department and chemopharmaceutic disciplines department. Medical botany, Inorganic chemistry, Analytical, physical and organic chemistry, methods for analysis are taught at these departments. All the departments are supplied with all the necessary equipments, reagents and textbooks.

skripnikDean of the Faculty: Skripnik Igor M., Professor


The faculty of postgraduate education was created by order of the Rector of Poltava State Medical Stomatological Institute № 236 from 02.08.1993, with a view to further improvement of postgraduate education, in-depth training doctors to perform their professional duties.

The faculty of postgraduate education decides issues of postgraduate education and continuing professional development through the deepening, expansion and updating of professional knowledge, skills and other specialty or a possession-based educational qualification and practical experience.

Postgraduate education of physicians in the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy (UMSA) carried out in accordance by the orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 291 of 19.09.1996, № 359 from 19.12.1997, № 98 of 01.03.2005, № 621 of 21.11.2005, № 793 from 10.12 .2007, and others. It includes training for doctors in internship, master's degree, residency, improving content and certification courses, specialization courses, information and training.

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Medical College of Higher Educational Establishment of Ukraine "Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy's" (UMSA) based on the nursing faculty and the Orthopaedic dental department of the Academy.

Based on the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 02.08.1994 was, № 8-03-29/1416 "on a hospital nurse" at the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy (UMSA) Nursing Faculty was opened (rector of the Academy number 505th on 20.12. 1994), who conducted training for nurses graduated from Nursing curriculum (junior specialist, bachelor).

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stomatdek sidorovaDean of the Faculty of Dentistry/Stomatology: Sidorova Alla

Associate Professor

General Information

Faculty of Dentistry/Stoamtology of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/ Dental Academy (UMSA) is known as the best in all over Ukraine and has very good reputation worldwide also.

At the dentistry faculty the curriculum is worked out for five academic years. The students master the basic subjects of medical and biological profile, as well as various clinical disciplines, which are so necessary for a dentist. On condition of successful completion of study the graduates are given the Diploma of a doctor - dentist. The curriculum foresees the further postgraduate education. The degree awarded is BDS.
For the junior courses students study theoretical disciplines and beginning from the fourth course, they start studying clinical disciplines. At junior courses students study theoretical disciplines and, beginning from the fourth course, they start studying clinical disciplines. Among them there are therapeutic and orthopaedic stomatology. The chairs of anatomy, histology, normal physiology, biochemistry, general chemistry, having wonderful traditions in organization of educational process and high skilled teachers, could do profiles for the teaching of their disciplines, taking into account the faculty's specificity.

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