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Faculty of Dentistry/Stomatology

stomatdek sidorovaDean of the Faculty of Dentistry/Stomatology: Sidorova Alla

Associate Professor

General Information

Faculty of Dentistry/Stoamtology of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/ Dental Academy (UMSA) is known as the best in all over Ukraine and has very good reputation worldwide also.

At the dentistry faculty the curriculum is worked out for five academic years. The students master the basic subjects of medical and biological profile, as well as various clinical disciplines, which are so necessary for a dentist. On condition of successful completion of study the graduates are given the Diploma of a doctor - dentist. The curriculum foresees the further postgraduate education. The degree awarded is BDS.
For the junior courses students study theoretical disciplines and beginning from the fourth course, they start studying clinical disciplines. At junior courses students study theoretical disciplines and, beginning from the fourth course, they start studying clinical disciplines. Among them there are therapeutic and orthopaedic stomatology. The chairs of anatomy, histology, normal physiology, biochemistry, general chemistry, having wonderful traditions in organization of educational process and high skilled teachers, could do profiles for the teaching of their disciplines, taking into account the faculty's specificity.

For mastering the propaedeutic course by students the departments were well equipped additional premises, acquired a necessary quantity of visual aids and special apparatus. All employees of the chairs and students took an active part in making the educational manuals. A metal-ceramic laboratory and a laboratory for high frequency melting and casting of dentures are specially organised.

At special dental departments the students study principal actual problems of dentistry: caries, parodonthosis, diseases of the mucous membrane in the mouth cavity. The principle task of the dental faculty is perfection of higher dentistry education, raising the quality of doctors dental training.

At the faculty they worked out and applied the complex of methodical ways for optimization of educational process, which is aimed at activisation of cognitive activity of students, development of habits for educational and researching work, training the creative method of approach for professional activity. The stomatological faculty helps the students to obtain good knowledge in the dental field. It grows and develops, absorbing all the best from the experience of the University's work.

History of the Faculty of Dentistry/Stomatology of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy (UMSA)

stomatdek mattehbaza2Dental Faculty dates back to September 30, 1921 with the opening of odontology department of the Kharkiv State Medical Academy. Department became the first academic institution of higher education, specialized training for dentists, a leading center for dental education in Ukraine. The decision of cross-accreditation commission and by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine on July 13, 1994 № 229 faculty, as a structural unit of the Academy, received the right training for the profession 8.110106 "Dentistry" for the fourth level of accreditation, with a licensed capacity of 350 reception (with the right training foreign students). Specialty today studying 1515 students, of whom 471 (31.09%) Person - the budget form. Dental Faculty Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy of qualified scientific and teaching staff who have practical experience and educational work and, in general, provide necessary educational process. The Department employed 193 teachers, including 31 Doctor of Medicine (16.06%), 120 Candidates of Medical Sciences (62.18%). All clinical department headed by the professor. Teaching students is at 43 departments, 8 of which - Profile and 4 have the status of support.

The main focus of the faculty is to train highly qualified specialists, who perfectly know their business, are highly basic and professional training. Graduates of the dental faculty after graduation received a diploma of state, which reflects a higher education in the field of dentistry.

The main strategic task of the dental faculty - training a new generation of specialists capable of working in a competitive environment of modern society.



Material and technical base of faculty

At the dental faculty created and operates the appropriate material and technical base, which fully supports the training of specialty 7,8.110106 Stomatology and in general conformity with the training. Per student falls 12.8 m2 of the educational process that meets the standards for the educational activity. Clinical Faculty Department located in all provincial and municipal hospitals Poltava. In the educational process is used about 200 dental chairs that provide practical training for students at the appropriate level. Number of dental chairs in Poltava, in which students conducted - 311. Preparing to provide inpatient care is in the maxillofacial department Regional Hospital (30 beds) and the Municipal Children's Hospital (8 beds). Department of Clinical and therapeutic base equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment that enables the modern to the diagnosis and treatment using modern advances in science. The faculty developed a computer-based training of basic computer classes. 2 successfully operating a modern computer classes and Internet-class, with the possibility of free access to the Internet.

stomatdek mattehbazaThe faculty uses modern multimedia technology. We Dentistry Faculty stipulates the methodology of the educational process. Teachers introduce the learning process of modern educational technologies, the latest educational achievement, new advanced technologies and treatment methods. One of the main challenges for the future is the specialist level of his professional training in a competitive labor market. It encourages teachers to an intensive search methods, improving the monitoring of student learning and preparing teaching documents, including the development of guidelines, manuals, teaching development, complex programs for self workshops. Team teachers of the faculty holds fruitful work to create training manuals in accordance with the curriculum and the current requirements issued by the State language. The organization of educational work of a significant role to play Academy Library, which ensures students with training, background and technical literature. In accounting for 119 students of literature. The library is fully Academy provides education necessary textbooks and manuals.


The structure of the educational process

Training in the field of Dentistry is performed in accordance with the schedule of the educational process, which provides length of the training sessions, dates of production practices, examinations and state certification, vacation. Faculty in close cooperation with the administration and management bodies of the Academy created the objective conditions for an adequate quality level educational work by optimizing the method and content of training, increasing complexity and objectivity in the assessment of knowledge, improve material welfare of the educational process, it individualization, activating education in the learning process. The main bases for clinical practice is hospital Poltava and Poltava region, as well as regional centers of Ukraine. In general, clinical meets the logistical and methodological support for the manufacturing practices of all courses at the appropriate level.

Leisure Students

The necessary social and living conditions for training, accommodation, medical care, nutrition and physical improvement of the students. Students living in the dental department of 2 dormitories of the total area of 11,684 m2 (living area of 5703 m2). At the hostel number 4 function block reception area of 1604 m2, which placed the department of physical education and health. In its stock located 4 gyms. Students and faculty are employees in their free time to engage in extra spacious gyms, improve their physical condition on modern bikes. Students serve three restaurant and three bars at 318 seats. In summer the academy is health and sports camp for 100 places for students, staff and teachers, located in the beautiful suburban area. The faculty student studying 3-orphans who are in full public and provided 38 students affected by the Chernobyl accident. They live in dormitories and receive an additional stipend. One time during the school year, students conducted a medical examination to detect clinical patients treated on clinical records and can receive vouchers for the rest of the student camp.

Sidorova Alla I. - Doctor of Medical Sciences, PhD, Associate Professor Chair of Therapeutic Stomatology

Vice Deans:
Amos Lyudmila - MD, assistant professor of children's therapeutic stomatology with prevention of dental diseases. Dean of the senior year

Nechepayeva Lyudmila - MD, assistant professor of general hygiene and the environment. Dean of the junior courses

Igor Sidorenko - MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology. Dean of the educational work

Yarkova Vitaly - MD, PhD, Associate Professor Chair of prosthetic dentistry. Head of manufacturing practices of dental faculty