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Faculty of Foreign Students

vix 5At present in UMSA enrolled foreign students from more than 38 countries, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Israel, China, Tunisia, Turkey, Kuwait, Eritrea, Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, UAE, Niger, Nigeria, Russia Lithuania, Libya, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, India, Uganda, Uzbekistan and others. Many of them are immigrants from countries where ongoing internal armed conflict, serious complications with existing neighbors and having unstable political situation (Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon) that affects the personality and psychological state of students, the moral climate in groups, social situation in the city.

Given the above educational work at the Faculty for foreign students UMSA conducted on several fronts:

  • measures aimed at foreign students respect current legislation of Ukraine and preventing violations;
  • measures to adapt to the conditions of foreign students studying and living in Ukraine, to familiarize them with the history and traditions of Ukrainian people, promoting the establishment of mutual understanding between different ethnic groups, implementation of norms of a healthy lifestyle among students;
  • measures to promote the development of student government.

The organization and improvement of educational work systematically examined the Academic Council of the Academy, administration meetings, the Council of the Faculty for foreign students UMSA.

vix 1In the first area holds regular meetings of foreign students with law enforcement officials involving administration academy in the face of the rector, vice-rector for International Relations, Dean of the Faculty. In particular, in connection with changes in legislation Ukraine on the status of foreign nationals and the rules of their stay in Ukraine and travel through its territory, meetings were held with representatives of the migration service.

At the initiative of Rector for International Relations and Dean of the Faculty together with law enforcement agencies held a meeting with representatives of local associations of foreign students safety stay of foreign citizens in Ukraine, preventing the emergence of conflicts, including ethnic and religious nature between foreign students and citizens of Ukraine.

Monthly vice-rector for International Relations, Dean of the Faculty of inspectors and the Passport Office conducted measures to control the implementation of international students with current legislation regarding the status of their stay in Ukraine, timely renewal of registration and compliance with internal regulations academy.

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Academy regularly between the administration and foreign students held a meeting aimed at improving the combating of corruption and bribery. At these meetings dealt with the complaints and suggestions received by the Academy by the administration functioning "hotline" and "Box of trust" by which students may at any time apply to the Rector and the leadership academy.

Once a month the leadership of the faculty held a meeting with leaders of local associations and student governments to prevent offenses which are consequences of deviant behavior on the part of foreign students.

At each meeting of the administration UMSA addresses issues associated with education and life of foreign students.

Dean's office for foreign student organized activities aimed at improving the education of foreign students, including the organization of additional consultations of the main clinical and biomedical disciplines to be considered at CRIC integrated licensing examination.

In another direction guidance dean for foreign students UMSA and curators of academic groups according to approved plan measures aimed at compliance with foreign students moral standards of behavior in their new socio-cultural space, education friendly relations of different ethnic groups and promote healthy lifestyles. In particular, since the beginning of the academic year of the event the following topics:

respect for cultural and spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian people, traditions and history of the state - workshop;
the education of humanity as a civil-legal, so with moral position - respect for individual rights and freedoms, religious and ethnic tolerance, humanity, decency - round table;
about interpersonal relationships in the student group behavior in a conflict situation - Round Table;
effects of alcohol, drugs, about the dangers of smoking - an open lecture.
The curators of academic groups conducting tours to historical and literary museums Poltava acquaint students with the history of medicine in Poltava, organization of health systems and the provision of health services to the population, including students. Every year there are guided tours to historical sites within Ukraine, including the island of Khortytsya in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and others.

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On the third direction and management administration Academy Dean's office for foreign students pay constant attention to the development and support of student government. Since the beginning of the school year in hostels, home to foreign students and has established headquarters "dormitory." Monthly meetings are held at the headquarters of the Dean of Students, his deputies and curators of academic groups, the rights and obligations of citizens of Ukraine and foreigners temporarily residing on its territory, the Constitution of Ukraine and some articles of the Civil and Penal Code, in compliance with the rules of residence hostel and hygiene standards.

Under the plan, once a month, held meetings chiefs academic groups, which are considered the most urgent issues of foreign students that result in additional individual interviews with students who have problems in school, and to encourage the most successful students.

Together with the student club academy dean promotes leadership capabilities of students by bringing them to amateur groups and sports clubs. The result of this work was the participation of foreign students championships areas where they became winners of the four sports. Students are festivals of amateur performances taking place in the Academy, and are involved in cultural events of the city.