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Sports Facilities

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Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy has it's own sports complex and students also use the sports complex of the Poltava city administration.Sports complex of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy has own skatting club,sports club,basketball club,tennis lawn and other indoor games.Foreign students has the same right to use sports complex of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy as ukrainian students.

Academy is having about 23 trainers of different sports for students to train them professionally.
The department of physical education and health of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) is placed in the building of sport complex.Teachers and trainers conduct studies in physical training during 5 years of student studies.
The Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) has active sections in athletics, volleyball, football, basketball, table and grass tennis, chess, swimming, aerobics, fitness, karate and others which offer a wide range of sporting opportunities.

The Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) football, volleyball and basketball teams regularly have competitons with other college and Universities in Poltava and in Ukraine. Outdoors events include tournaments on different kind of sports take place in summer on the opened stadium. Indoor there are also a sauna and recreational studio.

Sports Club of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) established in March 2004 to organize sports and mass sports and physical training in Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA). President of the Sports Club was elected Pozhechevsky Viktor, who in May 2005 in connection with his appointment as Chief of the Regional Department of Family, Youth and Sport was re-elected honorary president on a voluntary basis. Club headed by his vice president Kaplunovska Irina, USSR Master of Sport rowing.

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Sports Club "health" is organizing work sessions to improve sports and recreation sessions for students and staff of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA). Academy conducts annual traditional athletics, such as the exhibition "freshman" in the Academy and awarded by the Rector Professor Zhdana V.M. Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) conducts sports championship at the Academy exhibition among indoor games, Olympics among employees of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA)A, organizes participation in athletics among student clubs of Poltava, with other universities of Poltava.
Academy actively participates in games among medical schools, the regional and national athletics among employees of medical faculties, in athletics " cheerfulness and health "among the teaching staff of universities, the III-IV accreditation competing urban, regional, national and international levels in various sports.

In this academic year has held exhibition "freshman" on the Academy Award of the Rector Professor Zhdana V.M. from 8 sports and tournaments in volleyball and football for the first-dedicated 55th anniversary of participation of Ukrainian sportsmen in the modern Olympics. Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) teams from mini-soccer, volleyball (male and female teams), basketball (men) and table tennis participated in the Olympics among the student dormitories of Poltava, where they got 3rd place prize vises among other universities.

Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) is having every year sports competetion among employees of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) with 7 sports. For the competitions in volleyball, cross track, table tennis, long jump, weight sport and tug.
In VII Universities sports competetion among Poltava Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) got first place in Chess competetion, 2nd place in wrestling and 3rd position in table tennis.

In 2007 Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) launched the city's volleyball, which involved male and female teams.

In last year swimming competetion among employees of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) Kopchykova S.G won 25 meters among womens and Shumeyko O.G. won among womens in 50 meters.

The Academy has been focusing on developing various kinds of struggle: a free, Greco-Roman, Judo and Sambo. Training in groups sports skills with free and Greco-Roman wrestling. Those who want to do judo and sambo are waiting in the school sports 'Olympic Hope' in alleys in the neighborhood Polovka Latyshev. They created excellent conditions for study of these sports, and coach Pilipenko V.A. of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA) will pay attention to students who wish to improve the judo and sambo from Monday to Friday, 18th hour. So, if you have the relevant skills, or you want to acquire them, contact the address above.
We invite teams of courses and departments to take part in these competitions. Games are held on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Academy's sports club.

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